Getting What SHE Wants???

Amos Lassen

I am a huge fan of J.C. Calciano and his films and web series and I was just beginning to wonder why I have not seen anything new from him lately. Then I get notice about “Steam Room Stories: The Movie” and it is everything that I could have hoped for— gorgeous near naked men, a sharp plot, good performances and lots of laughs.

Disgraced makeup executive Sally Fay (Traci Lords) realizes that the gym run by Old Man Johnson is built over the fountain of youth and she is determined to buy it and plans ways to do so. She wants to have control of the aging process and will stop at nothing to get the place. Of course, she was not quite prepared to deal with a group of gay superheroes who also love the gym.

J.C. Calciano who gave us the web series “Steam Room Stories” (also available in three volumes on DVD) on YouTube has blown up the short films to be a full length  comedy with hot men wearing only towels who talk to one another in their own special language filled with double entendres as they sit and relax in the steam room after working out at the gym. The plot is fun and the scenery is gorgeous with a cast that includes Jacob Buckenmyer as Wade, Paris Dylan as Beau, Chris Boudreaux as Balton, Isaiah Lucas as Ryan and Forrest Hoffman as Tad.

It just so happens that old man Johnson simply forget about his taxes in 1985 and did not pay them. He has to pay $25,000 or lose the gym. This takes place just as Sally Fay traced the fountain of youth to this gym in Encino and she knows what this can do for her cosmetics business. The gyn guys are anxious to raise the money and save the gym. But then Sally Fay sends her very cute assistant, Neil (Eric D’Agostino) to infiltrate the guys at the gym and to make sure that they do not succeed. As we might expect, Neil finds an object of desire in Wade Neil and Wade and the two fall for each other. Neil is well aware of the position he is in and worries about his loyalties.

It is just great fun watching the guys trying a variety of entrepreneurial schemes to raise the money and save the gym. None are really successful and reality sets in.

The film has no pretense of being anything but fun. Great dialogue and crazy antics keep us laughing. Did I mention that the guys are gorgeous? But good looks is not enough; they clearly have something under their towels and in their minds. Lots of eye-candy keeps the candy jar full but here we also have a fun plot and good performances.

Traci Lords as Sally Fay is manipulative yet we sense that there is  vulnerability there and he gives a grand performance. And there is a bit of a serious theme here in that we see the meaning of love and loyalty.

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