“Lord of the Senses” by Vikram Kolmannskog— The Gay Indian Experience Captured

Kolmannskog, Vikram. “Lord of the Senses”, Team Anjelica,  2019.

The Gay Indian Experience Captured

Amos Lassen

In “Lord of the Senses”, gay Indian-Norwegian author Vikram Kolmannskog shows is what it is to be queer, cosmopolitan, spiritual and sexual in a collection of stories that take us from the suburbs of Oslo to the Bombay and from the timeless banks of the Ganges to nightclubs of Berlin. He totally captures “the essence of the gay Indian experience – funny, sensual, heartbreaking, and exhilarating, all at the same time.”  And it is not enough to be gay, there stories are defiant both in sexuality and spirituality as the characters navigate their identities.

The characters deal with prejudices, disappointments, and multiple identities of nationality, religion, caste, and sexual orientation. This is what takes the stories both personal and universal as well as a commentary on the way we live today. We sense the author’s emotion and honesty here. Above all else is the originality of theme and writing. Every story has something that you will remember long after closing the covers of the book.

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