“Frank’s Revenge: Albina After Dark” by Don DuPay— In Search of a Killer

DuPay, Don. “Frank’s Revenge: Albina After Dark”, Oregon Greystone Press, 2019.

In Search of a Killer

Amos Lassen

Frank McAllister is in search of a killer in 1970’s Portland’s dead-end streets and back alleys in Don DuPay’s “Frank’s Revenge: Albina After Dark”. Frank has become the man who takes it upon himself to solve the crime.  He shows us the racism and corruption of the Portland Police Bureau in the mid-1970s. He was fired from the Bureau and now conducts private investigations. With his police past, he knows what he is doing and is good at it.  Now Frank has been hired to find a serial killer who has been active in the black community of North Portland. Be ready for a dark story with lots of twists and turns as we read about Frank’s fight for justice as he is forced to interact with strange characters who make this a real page-turner.

North Portland is home to the Albina Ghetto and there a serial killer has been stalking the residents. Frank is brought into the case by the council of old gangsters who had to use a pretty woman to lure him in. Uncertain as to what they want and why, things get difficult when Black Bart who was once the head man of the St. John drug business returns after having been locked up in prison for eight years. Bart is determined to return to his old positions but times have changed and there are drug dealers are different than they were when he was sent up.

Because this is a mystery, I am limited as to what I can say about the plot without giving something away. What I can say is that we meet some unforgettable characters and situations. I am not much of a mystery reader but I was immediately pulled in and not just by the story. Don DuPay’s prose is filled with detail and character description making everything seem very real and although I have never been to Portland, I feel that I know something about it. This is an excellent throwback to the noir genre and a wonderful way to get to know a writer I had not encountered before.

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