“How to Be a Good Gay Bottom” by Ryan Field— No Wonder It is Published by the Author

Field, Ryan. “How to Be a Good Gay Bottom”, Ryan Field Press, 2019.

No Wonder It is Published by the Author

Amos Lassen

I have nothing against self-published books and in fact many of the books I have read and enjoyed have been self-published but there are always exceptions and this is one. I doubt if any publishing house would have this title. Ryan Field says he has been writing gay books for 20 years and I don’t doubt that. I have read several of his books and I have always felt that I am reading the same book with a different title and with characters who have different names. It takes quite a bankroll to publish as many titles as Field has done and a sense a strong sense of narcissism. It is very difficult to move from being a hack writer to being a good writer and I have been waiting in vain to see that happen here.

I am no prude but I do find the title offensive but then if you have a look at any of the reviews of Field’s work and see who reviews him, you might understand this a bit better. Paul, a gay virgin, who is “not only terrified of anal sex he doesn’t even know how to be a gay bottom.” He meets Gordon who is running for Governor as an openly gay man, and Paul absolutely despises the dirty business of politics yet he continues to see Gordon, because “there’s something decent about Gordon he can’t ignore.” Gordon makes him feel like the kind of man he’s always wanted to be, and for this Paul is determined to learn how to be a good gay bottom, and he will let nothing stand in his way to get there. Veys mir—the things we do for love—he hates the man’s politics but the man makes him feel good so he gives up his virginity. He probably should have learned to be a good top instead.

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