“PIG HAG”— Meet Jodie


Meet Jodie

Amos Lassen

Jodie (Anna Schlegel) is a nurse who lives in Los Angeles, She’s a nurse living, loves Guns N’ Roses, and has a small group of gay, male friends. She’s alone.—she lives alone in her apartment,  she goes to concerts alone, and her only friends are gay. We first meet her as she is checking her phone and finds she is being bothered though texts. Some troll calls her fat and pathetic and names her “Pig Hag.” Whoever this is texts continually hoping to get a rise out of her and Jodie makes the mistake of texting back. She enlists her gay friends for support.

But then life changes— while at a Guns N’ Roses concert just outside of Los Angeles. During the concert, Jodie feels good and finds “solace and serenity”. As she comes down from her Axl-Rose high, she decides to drink at a local liquor store on the way to her motel. She is soon sad and drunk and on the sidewalk but she meets Dustin (Tony Jaksha), who is friendly and shows a concern for Jodie and as they take part in a  passive-aggressive encounter, they also spend the night together. The next morning, Dustin sends Jodie into an emotional tailspin.

“Pig Hag” is a look into Jodie’s life over a few days and we see the difficulties of finding love for those who are not beautiful actresses or fitness models. Jodie’s idea of finding real-romance is shattered, and she turns to some dark places in the end to find some kind of a connection with anyone. We see her anger, vulnerabilities, and sexuality. She’s abrasive but also likable and her performance becomes a rage-fueled rant during which she curses out her gay friends.“Pig Hag” gives a new perspective for what it means to be a woman and  to have to deal with so many expectations because of gender.

Jodie (Anna T. Schlegel) does not have it easy.  This is a woman who deals with a lot of harassment over texts and whatnot.  Much of the harassment comes by way of text messages from Mitch Internet.  It’s fascinating how the filmmakers choose to use Internet has a last name.  After all, this is a person who could stand in for all the evil trolls in existence.

Jodie loves looking through the photos on social media.  She is almost 40-years-old and doesn’t know if she’ll ever meet the right man. Jodie thinks that Dustin is the one but he never gets in touch with her the next day.  As she has an emotional breakdown and her best gay friends come to her rescue. 

Finding love is not easy. Jodie is desperate for connection and we see that when her romantic overtures don’t go exactly as she hopes, she relies on her gay friends so that she does not feel alone. She is an honest person who is often angry due to her insecurities and vulnerabilities. She has baggage that she to unload before she can be the validated person she wants to be.

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