“DRIVE ME HOME”— Reconnecting



Amos Lassen

Antonio (Vinicio Marchioni)  and Agostino (Marco D’Amore)  are two childhood friends who have not seen each other for 15 years. They grew up together in a small town in Sicily and both have widely traveled through of Europe searching for something. They have gone from city to city, with no real destination and no plan.

Then when Antonio learns that his childhood home, now uninhabited, is to be sold at auction soon, he decides to look for Agostino, a truck driver, to help find a solution and save that house to which they have ties.

This is the story of two fragile men who have been tried by life and  who hold onto the cockpit of a truck as they rediscover parts of the past and reopen old wounds that are still hurting. The narration is a mixture of different European languages ​​and accents representing the liquid past in which they both used as a means of escape from their pasts.  They became strays in Europe like so many other young people who struggle with the difficulties of home. Both sought an ideal dimension to be able to gain happiness.

Both D’Amore and Marchioni are two apparent losers that hang between odd jobs in search of their own opportunity and their own place in the world. The cinematography is gorgeous as we visit the icy lights of northern Europe and the warm and quiet atmospheres of southern Ital. This is an intimate and highly up-to-date film that charges us to reflect on the various escape routes that perhaps we deserve to find to find a better life. The grammar of truck drivers and the habits of a little known but extremely fascinating world made of belonging to a community of people who have chosen the movement as a lifestyle are fascinating to see.

The screenplay uses the introspective component; the dimension of solitude that embraces the two men differently, and is extremely metaphorical. The concept of home is stressed. Are we really where we came from?

Director Simone Catania, and stars Vinicio Marchioni alongside Marco D’Amore do a wonderful job with this story of two 30-years-old men who both live abroad and have lost touch with each other years before we meet them. But their lives have changed a lot. Old conflicts and new revelations bring them through Europe on a truck journey that will change their lives forever.

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