“MARY LOU”— New from Eytan Fox (Yossi and Jagger)

“Mary Lou”

New from Eytan Fox (“Yossi and Jagger”)

Amos Lassen

Using the music of Israeli pop singer Tvika Pick, Eytan Fox brings us his new mini-series, “Mary Lou”. Meir (Ido Rosenberg) is a drag queen in training but he needs someone to teach him to sing when he does not lip sync. He searches for his mother, Mary Lou (Maya Dagan) and the movie takes us along on the journey.

The dance scenes are wonderful and Fox’s direction is absolutely amazing. The story of a drag queen gaining acceptance from his family is not new, but here it is done with style and music. The actors are exuberate, the movie is fun and this is a film that will make everyone just feel good. Meir’s father who was abandoned by his wife is not comfortable with his son becoming his daughter but he bites his tongue in the interest of peace.

Meir is obsessed with his mother who walked out on the family when he was ten years old. As a teenager, Meir and his best friend, a female, fall for the new hot boy at school and they become three best friends but as Meir matures he has a need to find his mother.

I have no idea when or if this will be available on DVD but keep your eyes peeled for it.


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