“Mennonite of the Living Dead” by Tim Brough and illustrated by Arkady Roytman— Meet a Mennonite

Brough, Tim. “Mennonite of the Living Dead”, illustrated by Arkady Roytman, Fair Page Media. 2019.

Meet a Mennonite

Amos Lassen

Several years ago before I moved to Boston, I came upon a member of the Mennonite community in Arkansas, I believe. I don’t quite remember how we met but during the course of conversation, I mentioned my love of studying the Hebrew Bible (the Old Testament) and I was invited to join his Bible study group. I was amazed at the similarity of interpretation between his group and the way I was raised and at the same time I was stunned by the Mennonite sense of community and the way they lived. I learned that they are hardworking, honest and peaceful and keep to themselves but I could not subscribe to this kind of life nor could I fully understand it. I figured that they certainly have secrets but I would never really know….. or so I thought until Tim Brough wrote “Mennonite of the Living Dead” (which is fiction). It is a great fun read and I am not sure whether it is satire or just fun for fun. Here is a zombie story disguised by religious extremism but written non-offensively and for purely an enjoyable read.

Quite basically the story is about a group of teens coming home from a class trip to an amusement park when they suddenly find themselves alone and out of a comfort zone. Their survival depends on the promise of help to come and their wits, neither of which is guaranteed. Both Brough, the author and Roytman, the illustrator show great imagination in the way the story is told and this is the reason I can’t say much about the plot without ruining the read for others. There are twists throughout and as many turns as there are pages. Take an hour or two and just enjoy the creativity you will find here.

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