“WE ARE THE LEAGUE”— England’s Most Notorious Punk Band


England’s Most Notorious Punk Band

Amos Lassen

George Henken’s documentary, “We Are the League” is the complete and uncensored story of how four guys, Animal (Nick Culmer),  Magoo (Chris Exall), Winston (Clive Blake) and PJ (Pat Scabies), a biker, a skinhead, a grammar school boy and a Persian exile came together with no musical talent or experience and no respect for anything or anyone were able to dominate the music charts of the United Kingdom with their first single. Filled with archival footage from their first London show, the film also contains clips from Stewart Copeland’s punk-art film “So What!”. We see how these four guys left their marks through outrage and disgust and we see that they continue to do so today.

Also included are interviews and a CD of 19 previously unreleased live performances. This is not a film for the weak of heart. You might recognize some of their songs, all written by Nick Culmer and Chris Exall except where noted. Published By Head Music Publishers, except where noted.

  1. “We Are The League” 2:40
  2. “Animal” 2:39
  3. “Woman” 2:57
  4. “Can’t Stand Rock ‘N’ Roll” 1:57
  5. “(We Will Not) Remember You” 2:00
  6. “Snowman” 3:00
  7. Streets of London” (Ralph McTell; Essex Music Int’l.) 3:16
  8. “I Hate….People” (Remix) 2:21
  9. “‘Reck-A-Nowhere” 2:27
  10. “World War III” 2:41 (P.J., Winston)
  11. “Nowhere Man” 2:27
  12. “Let’s Break The Law” (Remix) 3:06
  13. So What” (Culmer, Exall, Clive Blake)
  14. “I Hate….People” (single version)
  15. “Let’s Break The Law” (single version)
  16. “Woman” (single version)
  17. “Rocker” (Culmer, Exall, Blake)
  18. “For You”
  19. “Ballad of J.J. Decay”

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