“THE WHIRLPOOL”— Strangers In Love


Strangers In Love

Amos Lassen

Agathe (Agathe Feoux) and Victor (Pierre Porter), two twenty-something strangers meet on holiday at Niagara Falls.  They are both lost souls. Agathe is adopted and in a complex relationship with her therapist and Victor s dealing and trying to cope with family drama. The two impulsively decide to share a motel room and a romance begins and becoes a road trip across New York State to the airport in Boston. The sexual chemistry between the two is powerful and with no inhibitions. There was no screenplay so the entire film is based on improvisation that was unrehearsed and the narrative we get is non-linear and reminiscent of the experimental period of late sixties cinema.

Shot over 11 days spread over 5 weeks in 3 countries (USA, France, and Canada) on a mini-budget of $6000, “The Whirlpool” was filmed with small hand-held cameras and an iPhone. The idea came from e-mails between director Alvin Case and the French actress Feoux and their correspondence presented ideas for the storyline, the locations and possible themes. There is also a short  “making-of” with interviews featurette with the actors. To say anymore would ruin a wonderful cinematic experience. We rarely get films like this.

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