“Textual Activism” by Rabbi Mike Moskowitz— Essays, Articles and Speeches

Moskowitz, Rabbi Mike. “Textual Activism”, Independently Published, 2019.

Essays, Articles and Speeches

Amos Lassen

I never thought I would see a book like this in my lifetime. I suppose that what makes life so beautiful is that there are surprises every day. “Textual Activism” is a collection of essays, articles, and speeches at the intersection of deeply traditional rabbinic texts and radically progressive Jewish values. Rabbi Moskowitz dares to go where few Orthodox rabbis venture. His essays are written with fine scholarship and a deep commitment to the way that faith informs our lives. Yet they are also written with humility, kindness, and a good deal of personal courage.

Rabbi Moskowitz shares his own story and many brilliant ideas, that serve as tools for bringing together the division that religion often places between us and each other, us and God, and even us and ourselves. I believe that one of the things that guides Rabbi Moskowitz is his desire that all of us have access to the creator of life, especially those who long for a life informed by authentic faith and meaningful activism as it involves including and celebrating the transgender community in religious spaces.

Rabbi Moskowitz has “taken the directive to pursue justice to heart. He utilizes his vast Yeshivah knowledge to uncover and expand our tradition’s wisdom and teachings” and what he has to say is groundbreaking. He covers gender and immigration and makes us aware of his deep commitment to seeing people as God has created us, in God’s own image.”

He explores issues of Jewish LGBTQ life from within the framework of Halachah/Orthodox Jewish law and thereby challenges our religious traditions by calling for them to expand and deepen for all Jews. There is a great deal to be learned here and what is here is but a beginning.

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