“45 DAYS AWAY FROM YOU”— After the Breakup


After the Breakup

Amos Lassen

Direcror Rafael Gomes takes us to a time after the breakup when 20-somehing Rafael (Rafael de. Bona)), a young gay Brazilian bachelor finds his romantic life going out of control.

He sets out on a journey that will take him to England, Portugal, and Argentina. Along the way, he learns that time is  all it takes to mend a broken heart is time… and the support of a few good friends. This is a fiction film with documentary characters.

Rafael, a waited 45 days for a love that never returned. Broken hearted, he goes into self-exile, seeking refuge with three friends who, for different reasons, decided to live away from their own home: Julia (Julia Correa) in England, Fabio (Fabio Lucindo) in Portugal and Mayara (Mayara Constantino) in Argentina.  This is quite the romantic drama.

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