“Let’s Get Medieval: Jardonn’s Erotic Tales — Two Books In One – The Tortured Secutor – The Bishop Of Grunewald

Smith, Jardonn. “Let’s Get Medieval: Jardonn’s Erotic Tales – Two Books In One – The Tortured Secutor – The Bishop Of Grunewald’, CreateSpace, 2008.

Two Stories

Amos Lassen

Jardonn Smith knows bow to tell a story and every time I pick one of his books up, I am amazed at the diversity of themes, characters and settings. In “Let’s Get Medieval”, we get two Jardonn Smith stories with two different settings and two different emotional responses.

“The Tortured Secutor” is set in Rome at early time and is about a gladiator set free by the emperor and who finds himself involved in murder and extortion for which he is taken to prison and tortured by the person who is actually responsible for the plot. Artimos Traius comes from a line of doctors and he is now doctor to the gladiators. He is the last of his line and he enjoys sex with men. He meets Philokrates who became a gladiator after he was wrongly accused of a crime and sold as a slave. He, however, walks with his head held high. Artimos takes care of him and Philo finds an attraction for him as well. Both stories have a lot of sex in them and I believe this has become something of a trademark of the writer. In this story, we do not get sex just for sex’s sake; rather it is an extension of the way the two feel for each other.

 “The Bishop of Grunewald” is the story of three men who are imprisoned in the dungeon of a castle because a woman has lied about them. The king and the bishop want to know what really happened and if necessary they will use violence to get the truth. They are also in awe of the strength and defiance of their prisoners. The story consists of meshed sub-plots. Jonathan and William have been best friends in their small village. Jonathan is forced to marry Helena and William is there to comfort him. We are let into the details of the nature of the relationship between William and Jonathan and Helena eventually tires of her husband and moves onto Tobias, William’s younger brother and again William is there for comfort. Helena accuses William of raping her as Jonathan helped and both men are arrested. The ruler of the village, Peter Sion, is a sadist who is involved in several odd sexual practices. Peter finds William and Jonathan and their bodies fascinating and he hopes that they will be able to survive all that he puts on them. As the men are going through their tribulations, Helena becomes more and more obsessed with Tobias but the Bishop also has set his eyes on him. The Bishop is driven by lust and sex and is determined to make Tobias his.

An added bonus is the short story, “Our Betting Game” which is also set at a different time. The writing throughout the book is smooth and the stories definitely hold our interests. I strongly recommend this, especially if you are looking for something a little different.

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