“Mr.” by Ferry Van Der Nat— The 200 Best

Van der Nat, Ferry. “Mr.”, Lannoo Publishers, 2016.

The 200 Best

Amos Lassen

While investigating some new publications, I wrote to a distributor who suggested that I have a look at “Mr.” by Ferry Van de Nat but he also told me that it might be a bit too expensive for my readers. I explained to him that knowing my readers, if they read a review and liked what they read, nothing was too expensive and because of saying that I was able to see a copy of this beautiful  book and recommend it totally to my readers. I had no idea what to expect from “Mr.” and I had no idea who Ferry Van der Nat was. I learned that he is a photographer, stylist and fashion editor who has worked for numerous fashion magazine and brands. Under the name Mr. Polaroid, Van der Nat began taking strong sculptural polaroids of male models. This began as a personal project that evolved into a great collection of images and a celebration of male beauty. This is Mr. Polaroid’s first ever monograph and contains over 200 of his best photographs along with contributions by Gert Jonkers (“Fantastic Man”) and Alan Prada (“l’Uomo Vogue”).

I was actually expecting to see provocative and scandalous photos so I was surprised to see photos that evoked the pure beauty of man. There is little nudity yet this is a celebration of the male body in a very unique way which I find quite difficult to explain. This is quite the opposite of male nudity in the way the body while clothed radiates sexiness and passion. The male form is highlighted and while the male nude is fascinating, it is also fascinating to see how men take care of their bodies. While we often see vulnerability in the nude male, we also see it here in the clothed male. Perhaps the only way to explain it is to see for yourself and hopefully you will do so with “Mr.”.

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