“Fire Island: Photographs” by Alex Geana— Timeless Beauty

Geana, Alex. “Fire Island: Photographs”, Glitterati, 2019.

Timeless Beauty

Amos Lassen

I do not have many regrets but I do regret not yet getting to Fire Island. Since I do not see myself getting there any time soon, I am lucky to have this gorgeous book of photographs of Fire island by Alex Geana. Geana wonderfully captures the spirit of gay life that is almost unique to The Pines on Fire Island—- there is a uniqueness to the place that find nowhere else. The photographs were taken over a three year period and, in their own way, tell the history of the island and what make it so special. We go to the famous pool parties and all night dancing and see and sense the fun and joy that the participants feel.

Geana, who is by profession a fashion photographer, documents Fire Island from the Pines Party to the Meat Rack and, as if that is not enough, goes on to show how global warming is affecting the experience, bringing attention to the preservation needs of this special place. It is frightening to know, climate change is affecting the island and eroding part of gay history yet that does not stop the active community there nor does it deter visitors. This beautiful book can serve as a way to make people aware of what is happening geographically there and help save it.

As one if the residents of Fire Island has stated, “… captures the essence of FIP, documenting the iconic pool parties, raucous boys, and delicate nature of our little getaway so near, yet so far from reality.”

For sheer physical beauty, Fire Island is very special. It blurs lines “between fantasy and reality, order and chaos, rural and urban life.

This is quite a difficult book to review in that there are so few words in the volume but who needs words when we have such glorious photos. In his introduction, you literally meet Alex as he takes you to his special place. It is as if a new friendship is beginning  and a private invitation to partake of Fire Island.

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