“CAMP CHAOS”— Matthew Camp’s New Sexy Series

“Camp Chaos”

Matthew Camp’s New Sexy Series

Amos Lassen

Matthew Camp bring us a new series that opens with people having sex as a voiceover narrates what is going on.  “Camp Chaos” is both “a self-empowering makeover show” and a  raunchy fantasy.

In the first episode, we learn that real-life social media hottie Matthew Camp has set out to recreate some of his wildest sexual memories. We watch him video chat with a series of guys about their sexual desires until one shows up in real life to help Camp with his project. We then see a hardcore staging of the memory we’ve been hearing about throughout the episode. Camp looks at sexuality as both serious and playful.

Matthew Camp together with show creator Cory Krueckeberg give us something to look at and to think about. “I feel like it’s important as gay men that we exercise our right to want to have sex, to make content with it, and profit off it. It’s sort of a revolutionary act,” Matthew Camp says with an enticing grin. He pushes the boundaries of fantasy and reality in an explicit way in XXX-rated episodic journey starring Camp. He attempts to recreate several of his formative sexual encounters with boys he meets online and in his upstate New York apartment where while nude, he tends to his plants and plays his guitar. He paints in a jockstrap and masturbates in the living room. After Skyping with a few potential scene partners, Camp brings in a bearded San Francisco man and the two share intimacy and have a  carnal adventure. With beautiful cinematography and sweaty reenactments, director Cory Krueckeberg is able to capture the tender and sometimes funny and always authenticity of two people’s first sexual encounter.

On the internet Camp has more than 566,000 followers. It seems that this was his natural next move. We see him as a sexual animal and also as a gentle person. “Camp Chaos” is “a provocative meditation exploring formative sexual memories. The series takes on the form of a hybrid documentary/experimental film / art project. It uses explicit sex as part of the exploration of Matthew’s formative sexual memories.” Each episode is to cover a distinct sexual experience from Camp’s life. He first shares the story with viewers and then sets about recreating the encounter in explicit detail with a new partner. “The series blends reality and fantasy in a way that creates what feels like a true and authentic portrayal of Matthew Camp. What you see is what you get, Camp is truly and unapologetically himself.” He feels that it is “important as gay men that we exercise our right to want to have sex, to make content with it, and profit off it. It’s sort of a revolutionary act,” says Camp.

The series is also a time capsule of relationships and encounters are like in a post-online dating and social media world. “It is current, timely, real and treats sex the way millennials treat sex.”


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