“I AM A RAIN DOG”— Getting Back on Track


Getting Back on Track

Amos Lassen

In Christopher Di Nunzio’s new short film “I Am a Rain Dog”, (Leo Fiore), a man in a motel room calling a specialist for help when he finds himself lost. He is not only physically lost, he also existentially lost and looking for guidance. The film runs for only 12 minutes and each minute serves a purpose and even though it is so short, we, the viewers, feel we have seen something that is very special.

As the film opens we see a man, Valentine Biltmore (Kris Salvi)inside a motel room and he is pacing and seems to be very nervous and upset. He has a gun which he pulls out when there is a sudden knock on the door. After looking out he puts the gun away and lets Vernon Weiss ( a tall man carrying a briefcase in (Vernon Weiss). He tells the man that he found his card on the cork board at the motel and that he is lost and needs professional help. When their conversation is over, the visitor takes the man outside and shows him why he feels the way he does.

It is not long before their conversation ends and he takes the man outside to show him the root of his problem and why he feels lost.

I do not want to ruin the moviegoing experience by spoiling the plot so I won’t say anymore about that the meeting between the two men is both puzzling and touching. To learn any more you will have to see the movie.

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