Mark Tennyson’s Boy Untitled— New Book and EP Disc

Mark Tennyson’s Boy Untitled

New Book and EP Disc

Amos Lassen


 “Genuinely profound.” – EQ Music Blog

 “’Skin’.. perfectly fusing a variety of world influences on this colorful and self-liberating anthem.”

Boy Untitled (Mark Tennyson) invites audiences to experience his five-part musical and visual epic with the release of his debut self-titled EP and accompanying illustrated book of poetry, A Wanderer’s Love Letter to the Universe. Having already received accolades for his distinct lane of purposeful, no-boundaries pop from outlets including Nylon and OUT! Magazine, Tennyson’s tale of heart-ache, transformation and rebirth comes full circle. Co-written by Rush Davis (Wolfgang Gartner, Kelly Rowland, Girl Unit), the EP’s soul-drenched lyrics and unctuous vocal dexterity take center stage over world-inspired records that jump from minimal, ethereal pop to vibrant electronica. 

 “A Wanderer’s Love Letter to the Universe” is a non-linear collection of poems that were written during a major shift in Tennyson’s that occurred over the course of two years. Both the five parts in the book and the five songs on the EP outline the process of emotional evolution that he experienced during this time. Those are stagnation (The Sea/Easy), recognition (Desert/Spark), action (The Forest/Sacrifice), victory (The Mountain/Skin) and evolution (The Universe/Out). 

 The release culminates in The Boy Untitled Experience: a multimedia event hosted by the Ace Hotel DTLA  and sponsored by Revry, the world’s first queer owned and operated streaming platform. The Experience (Facebook Event) will be July 12th, 2019 and include performances by Justin Michael WilliamsMadison Rose, and Gess, as well as installations by Jeff Morrical Studio and Shapes + Forms

 “This body of work has been three years in the making. Both ‘A Wanderer’s Love Letter to the Universe’ and ‘Boy Untitled’ are deeply personal works that were birthed out of a huge shift in my life. Little did I know how much more there was to learn, experience and grow from during this process. This project became a prophetic source of guidance in a time of great uncertainty. From the joy of getting married to the sorrow of losing my father, this broad emotional arc is captured within the Boy Untitled experience. It wasn’t until his passing that the full vision of it came alive even to me. It summarizes a powerful experience of forgiveness and healing. One that I hope people are able to hear and take into their own lives.” – Mark Tennyson

 “Tennyson’s story is a powerful one that will move you to a state of serenity. – Gay Life LA

 “’Spark’ is a trippy, intoxicatingly lush musing… an illuminating and timely confession, chiseled in effervescent and glowing synths, allowing his vocal to shatter the static and come clean.” – B-Sides and Badlands

 About Boy Untitled

Boy Untitled (Mark Tennyson) is a musician, poet, and performer based in Los Angeles. Sonically, Tennyson mixes vulnerability with world-inspired tracks that jump from ethereal soundscapes to vibrant electronica. The result is a brand of authentic, no-boundaries pop that is truly his own and why The Q Review describes Tennyson as “an artist that you instinctively know is going to impact the future of music.”

 Tennyson began his career in the LA queer-art scene as a producer and curator, working most notably for The Miley Cyrus Bangerz Tour and LA Pride. In Boy Untitled, Tennyson celebrates his journey towards rediscovering his own voice as a musician and an artist. 

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