“MISS ARIZONA”— Knowing Who You Are



Knowing Who You Are

Amos Lassen

After being inspired by the Women’s March in fall of 2016, writer/director Autumn McAlpin wrote the script of “Miss Arizona” quickly because we were in need of a strong woman’s voice. She sees beauty is a state of mind. We meet Rose years after she won a beauty pageant and see her transformed from an ambitious young woman to an unfulfilled housewife. Her days have become tedious so she soon finds herself pulled into an unexpected adventure leading to four new friendships and one final ride for “MISS ARIZONA.” 

A bored housewife trapped in a less-than-ideal marriage, Rose (Johanna Braddy) accepts an invitation to teach a life skills class at a women’s shelter. When trouble shows up, she and a group make their getaway with the help of a former beauty queen.

What starts off as an escape quickly turns into a wild all-night adventure through the streets of Los Angeles. They experience a quick trip to the ‘drug store’ and an impromptu drag show and  the women soon discover that inner strength, and a little help from your friends, can be the key to discovering who you are meant to be. 

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