“THE LAVENDER SCARE”— Premiers on PBS, June 18


Premiers on PBS, June 18


“Fascinating and horrifying — and timely.”
–The New York Times

Tuesday, June 18th | 9 PM

Praise from Reviewers

“A gripping, nimbly assembled documentary examining the decades-long campaign to excise homosexuals from all corners of government.”
— Los Angeles Times

“An essential and absorbing documentary.”

“A film that should be essential viewing in these times when intolerance is on the rise. One of those rare documentaries that feels too short.”
​Hollywood Reporter

“Josh Howard’s incisive documentary The Lavender Scare offers a stirring depiction of gay travails during that era that’s as shocking as it is illuminating.”
–Roger Ebert Reviews

​“Thoroughly researched and evidenced, wonderfully detailed, informative and authoritative but always in touch with the human story at its heart.”
–​Eye for Film

“A must-see… this film belongs on LGBTQ studies syllabi nationwide.”
–The Playlist

“It’s stories are undeniably enraging, moving, and inspiring. And it’s essential information to have today.”
–Common Sense Media

“A Very important film— not to be missed” — Amos Lassen, reviewsbyAmos Lassen.com


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