“STRAIGHT UP”— Intellectual Soul Mates


Intellectual Soul Mates

Amos Lassen

Jams Sweeney’s “Straight Up” is about Todd (who might be gay) ad Rory (who would not let Todd’s sexuality influence their friendship in this romantic-comedy drama with a twist; this is a love story without the thrill of copulation.

Todd (Brendan Scannell) loves the movie “Legally Blonde” and holds very strong opinions about decorative pillows. We meet him while he is experiencing a sexual identity crisis. He has still not met his soulmate while dating men and is afraid he’ll spend his life alone, so he enters the heterosexual dating pool where he meets Rory (Katie Findlay) an aspiring actress who hates cats. Rory has a sharp wit and a great vocabulary. Together they are an intellectual match but can a (probably) gay man and a straight woman be a truly happy couple?

Reminiscent of a Nora Ephron romantic comedy, “Straight Up” is fun to watch as it shake up the genre’s tropes and staples. “Sweeney mines the depths of our collective anxieties around loneliness, relationships, and love for the perfect modern thinking person’s date night movie.”


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