“Fire Island Photographs” by Alex Gesna— Ode to Fire Island

Geana, Alex. “Fire Island: Photographs”,  with a Foreword by  Gonzalo Casals,   Glitterati Incorporated, 2019.

Ode to Fire Island

Amos Lassen

Just out in time for Pride is Alex Geana’s exquisitely photographed ode to the spirit of gay life in The Pines on Fire Island. The photos capture the uniqueness and the sense of place that makes the island so special

Shot over a four-year span, “Fire Island: Photographs” tells the story of The Pines from legendary pool parties to all-night dancing on the beach. Geana who is a fashion photographer in the commercial world, brings his unique ability to simultaneously capture elegance and lifestyle with his lens. He distills the essence of The Pines in this glamorous and expansive body of photographic work. His pictures reflect the happiness and joy the gay community in a place where everyone can be free to express their individuality and sexuality. We see freedom of expression, the uniqueness and sense of place in every picture. Here is a document of Fire Island from the Pines Party to the Meat Rack that also show how global warming is affecting the experience by bringing attention to the preservation needs of this special place.



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