“F*CK THE BOXES”— A World Where Gender is Blurred

“F*ck The Boxes”

A World Where Gender Is Blurred

Amos Lassen

 Set in the present day, this coming of age story looks at unconventional queer love. Dan a gay man falls in love with Ray, a non-binary person assigned female at birth. Whilst Dan is forced to question his own label, Ray learns to accept love as a non-binary person. The film explores the idea of rigid sexuality in a world where gender is becoming blurred and based on Abel Rubinstein’s (the filmmaker) own personal experience.

The goal of “F*ck The Boxes” is to create relatable likeable characters that the audience could connect and laugh with. By showing such a sweet love story it is hoped that the audience will leave the cinema with an open mind. The LGBTI community isn’t the most open and welcoming and Pride can often feel as if it is only for gay men. There are often biographies on Grindr that say ‘twink bottoms only’ or even worse, ‘no fems, no blacks, no Asians’. These attitudes can be damaging, and this film challenges this. Those who are outside the LGBTI community need to realize that there are happy LGBTI love stories too.

Queer cinema tends to depict LGBTI life as a harrowing fight against homophobia and transphobia and although it still is for a lot of people, we need a new perspective where being queer isn’t the biggest challenge we face in life. It is important to inform audiences of the non-binary gender since few people know about the topic.

F*ck The Boxes is set to screen at Fragments Festival on Thursday 13 June as part of Shorts Vol.3.

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