“RUNNING MAN”— Getting Even


Getting Even

Amos Lassen

Rex (Laurence Harvey) was a victim of a plane crash when the airplane he was piloting crashed in a forest. He survived with minor injuries, but the plane was totaled. He expected a big payout from his insurance company. However, because he was two days late with his premium payment the policy was canceled and he got nothing. Outraged he plans a scheme to get revenge with the help of his wife Stella (Lee Remick) and purchases a glider plane and has it insured with the same company. He then intentionally crashes it into the water and before help arrives he dives into the lake and by using an underwater apparatus swims ashore undetected.

Rex hides out on a small island during the investigation and when it is finally confirmed that he was ‘lost-at-sea’ and the insurance pays a handsome sum to Stella they go to Spain, but insurance investigator Stephan (Alan Bates) has his suspicions and follows the two while continuing to hound them.

This is a total thriller in the most classic sense. The plot is completely believable. The action particularly during the final 30 minutes keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. Director Carol Reed captures the many different exotic locales of Spain. Remick is excellent and the stresses and strains that her character conveys are easily felt by the viewer. Harvey seems to be having a good time particularly when he is in the disguise of the Australian..

Why this exciting and polished thriller has never been released onto DVD until now is surprising especially because of the fine cast and two major actors from 60’s British cinema directed by legendary Carol Reed.


  2K restoration of the film by Sony Pictures

  High Definition (1080p) Blu-Ray presentation

  Original uncompressed mono audio

  Isolated music and effects track

  Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing

  Audio commentary by Peter William Evans, author of British Film-Makers: Carol Reed

  On The Trail Of The Running Man, all-new featurette with crew members such as script supervisor Angela Allen and assistant director Kits Browning

  Lee Remick at the National Film Theatre, an audio-only recording of the actor’s appearance at the NFT in 1970

  Image gallery

  Reversible sleeve featuring original artwork

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