“KINKY”— A Different Kind of Black Exploitation


A Different Kind of Black Exploitation

Amos Lassen

Dr. Joyce Reynolds (Dawn Richard) is a successful yet shy Atlanta surgeon who enjoys a secluded and single lifestyle. After being set up on a date with billionaire Darrin Bernard (Robert Ri’chard), Joyce begins a whirlwind romance with the wealthy businessman and entrepreneur. It doesn’t take long before Joyce begins to explore her own sexual fantasies as Darren learns that Joyce’s sexual  proclivities push the boundaries of pain and pleasure.

Joyce is a well-respected orthopedic surgent but she is headstrong. She is also financially secure, and often runs late.  She has put her personal life on hold for her career and hasn’t dated in a year since she was unsatisfied in her last relationship. While out to lunch with her friends, a handsome man named Anthony introduces himself and his shy, younger brother Darren.  Anthony leaves his phone number with one of Joyce’s friends but Darren gives his number to Joyce.  Darren co-owns a financial firm with his brother and is very successful at picking stocks for their company and its investors.  Darren sends her 12 dozen roses and invites her on a boat date and  Joyce coyly agrees and begins fantasizing about Darren and her together.  Her thoughts include cuffs, whips, and tape thus making her question her dreams with her therapist who eases her mind.  On her date with Darren, her dreams become a reality.  She tells her therapist that controlling Darren turns her on and she wants to  show Darren a world he never knew existed.

This movie takes its time to develop the romance between Darren and Joyce and this the film’s major problem.  Character development replaces the story.  We see the role reversal of the woman seeking dominance through domination and here is the twist since she wants to be dominated but on her terms.  

The acting is awful and so is the screenplay. If you removed every pointless scene you’d have a very short  movie of less than 3 minutes. Nothing had my attention and in order to write this review I had to look up the names of the characters since they meant nothing to me.

Since I rarely give bad reviews, you know that this must be a stinker.

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