“STATE OF PRIDE”— The LGBTQ Movement and Pride

of Pride

“State of Pride”

The LGBTQ Movement and Pride

Amos Lassen

 Directors Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman’s documentary, “State of Pride”  looks at the LGBTQ movement and Pride celebrations as we stand ready to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising this summer.

Activist Raymond Braun tells the tales on camera including his his own emotional story with regards to his coming out. We feel empathy for his pain. To see how Pride has changed, we look at different communities (Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Salt Lake City, Utah and San Francisco, California and others. We get a diverse look at people from all walks of life who are members of the LGBTQ community. San Francisco celebrates Pride for an entire weekend— the Trans March is Friday, the Dyke March is on Saturday, and finally, the weekend wraps up with Pride on Sunday.  In the Deep South, there is Black Pride taking that also takes place.

We meet Jackie, a trans woman who is celebrating her first Trans Pride after coming out the previous August.  She realizes how lucky she is because of her relationship with her family and having the economic resources available to live as she does.  Thanks to Braun, she’s meest Our Lady J, who was  the SF Pride Celebrity Grand Marshall.

While speaking with Raymond Braun, Our Lady J Pride says “Trans Pride feels more like a protest than a celebration.  I think it’s because we still have so far to go.”  In response, Jackie says that she loves the protest part so much when it comes to Pride. 

“In many ways, we’re still fighting for our rights.  The transgender community alone deals with an unproportionate amount of violence.  We really see this with transgender people of color.  We don’t get much more than a glimpse at our community and realize how many members chose not to appear. This is where our work must focus next.

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