“MORTUARY”— Moving On


Moving On

Amos Lassen

“Mortuary” is the story of Leslie (Denise Crosby) a widowed mother of two who while trying to make things better for her family moves them all to a rural town where she is going to take over the local mortuary.  The business side of their home is the basement with the graveyard conveniently located right out the front door.  They live in the upstairs part of the building which also houses what appear to be the viewing rooms for friends and family of the deceased.  When they arrive the place is in serious need of repair.   Jonathan (Dan Byrd) the son and older of the two siblings gets a job at the local diner and also manages to anger couple of the local bullies while at the same time attracts the attention of a local girl. Liz (Alexandra Bell).  She tells him the local legend of the folks who occupied the house prior to them.  The Fowler family, a prominent family that were the town’s first settlers. Their son Bobby killed his parents (who ran the mortuary) because they abused him as a child and he is supposed to now live in the crypt. 

Jamie (Stephanie Patton), the youngest of the two kids, a daughter, helps her mom set up shop and plays around the house.   The bullies that had a run in with Jonathan come by the graveyard to wreak some havoc and end up discovering that most of the local legend is true.   Tobe Hooper directed this one keeping the mood and atmosphere eerie.  

After mom is warned by the sheriff (Michael Shamus Wiles) that the local youth use the graveyard as a hangout to be with their lovers, all sorts of folks become missing in the haunted graveyard. The missing Bobby Fowler (Price Carson) makes a creepy appearance as a dangerous deranged retard, a black fungus starts spreading and dragging people down a well and taking over the bodies of those victimized and it spreads rapidly. Then there’s a confrontation by the well between the good folks and Bobby and all the zombies who are possessed by the fungus.

The film’s parodies cheaply made horror movies and while not a great or even a good movie, it is fun to watch.

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