“THIRD WEDDING”— An Immigration Story

“Third Wedding”

An Immigration story

Amos Lassen

Silver-headed gay bear Martin (Bouli Lanners) buries his younger husband after he was killed in a fatal car crash and now has nothing but grief and some very large  he is left with his grief and very large debts. Just as he is about to lose his home,  his friend Norbert (Jean-Luc Couchard), a bar owner offers him a way to deal with his problems. Norbert has been marrying various exotic women so that they can stay in Belgium and now  he wants to do the same for his latest girlfriend Tamara (Rachel Mwanza) from the Congo.  However  he suspects that the authorities are on to him, so he is looking for someone to take his place.  Martin agrees but he insists that when Tamara moves in to his house with him that she keeps  to herself.   However, she soon has him eating out of her hand and by the time they get to filing for a marriage license and the right for her to stay in the country, Martin has grown to truly like her and is now very committed to doing what he can so that she can stay.

Because he is an older white gay widower and she is a much younger Congolese woman they are subject to being investigated by the immigration police who take to visit unannounced at 5 am on a couple of mornings.  If tripping up over some of their tricky questions is not enough, there is the sudden arrival of Phillipe (Eric Kobongo), another illegal immigrant who Tamara claims is her brother.

With Phillipe moving in as Martin gets more protective of Tamara they also have to deal with a visit from Norbert who Tamara has been ignoring even though she still says that he is her boyfriend.   With the authorities closing in on them, a farce ensues  as they all try to get what they want from the situation as it quickly goes out of control.

The success of this charming but slightly uneven comedy rests on the unlikely relationship between Martin and Tamara and the wonderful chemistry between the two. With the whole controversial subject of immigration very much in the news today, this is just another story of someone who needed to bend the rules to get a better life.

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