“MANKIND”— Gay Life on Mars?


Gay Life on Mars?

Amos Lassen

We do not get many LGBT science-fiction films and I can only wonder if that is because we have not dealt with all our earthly problems. There is one that just came out and is “seriously atmospheric…wildly thought-provoking…”

Director Layke Anderson in just 13 minutes brings us Will (Ricky Nixon), a restless young man who wants to join the first colony on Mars. He decides to leave his partner, Evan (Alexis Gregory) and this comprises most of the short film. We have a personal drama about a man who loves his partner but is dissatisfied with his life and with the plant.

He and his partner try to reconcile how he feels. The actors give strong performances and we feel the tension and the chemistry that they share. Through flashbacks we see how their argument came to be as well as the “balance of humanity within the vastness of the universe. The short certainly has the potential to be a very special feature.

Evan believes that Will is far from convinced, even more so when he reads up on the Space program that Will has applied for.  Will however is determined  as it is not just his life that he is unhappy with, but also his planet. We see one of the saddest and also unusual break up stories ever.

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