“FIRE ISLAND”— Going Home

“Fire Island”

Going Home

Amos Lassen

Every once in a while I hear about a new film that sounds like it is going to be big hit. You anxiously await its arrival on a big screen near you or on DVD or streamed and you rush to see it and realize that there is a great deal of potential in it but as it stands, you were totally bored watching in. Such is the case with “Fire Island”.

Mimi (Carly Brooke) is like Dorothy in the “The Wizard of Oz”. In fact the movie is a modern take on “The Wizard of Oz” about a young woman trying to find her way home after tragedy. Mimi has gone from happy wife to heartbroken widow and mixed-up mistress, while she is only in her early thirties. She’s determined to find her way back to a happy life and that search begins at Fire Island. Even stranger is that this is a true story in which we journey with Mimi as she makes her way with help from her friends, family, and music, back to love and home and in this case from New York City to Cleveland.

“Fire Island” is written, produced and directed by Mimi Spiwak Harris who should have known better. Andy Peeke, Amadeo Fusca also star.  

I so wanted to like this story of a woman finding her husband as she goes through life after the death after being widowed. The worst part is that the final man doesn’t show up until the last 5 minutes. The others were just filling time.

Production quality isn’t bad and the gay friends thing is okay. Who movies to a different state on a whim? The plot however is a mess as is the acting. I seldom give negative reviews but really…

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