“Truthteller” by Stephen Davis— Truth Prevention, Fake News and Conspiracy Theories

Davis, Stephen, “Truthteller “, Exisle Books, 2019.

Truth Prevention, Fake News and Conspiracy Theories

Amos Lassen

Stephen Davis’s “Truthteller” is  an investigative reporter’s journey through the world of truth prevention, fake news and conspiracy theories. We are all aware that today we are waging a war on truth and that the liars are winning.  The rich possess powerful weapons and however they can.  Here we see how governments and corporations have covered-up mass murder, corruption and catastrophe. We live in a world where Putin and Trump have successfully branded journalists as broadcasting fake news while at the same time promoting the actual creators of fake news. We learn here how tools are used in ways of deception and why they seem to work well.  Using exclusive documents and interviews drawn from his three decades as an award-winning reporter, editor, foreign correspondent, television producer, documentary filmmaker, and journalism educator, Stephen Davis shares details of deception that are shocking and that occur in the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, Sweden, the Baltic republics, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, the Arctic and Antarctic.

These are real stories that illustrate the tools that governments and corporations use to deceive the media and the public. Having worked as a foreign correspondent for the Sunday Times based in LA and was  a part of the team that helped launch The Independent on Sunday in London, he knows what news is.

Personally I find it very upsetting that Putin and Trump have successfully branded journalists as traffickers in fake news, while promoting the spread of actual fake news.  Even more upsetting is that we are doing nothing about it. Do not be confused— the stories we read here are all about the same thing—truth. We  badly need to understand how one can interfere with truth in the simplest of stories and we see that those in power (be they governments, politicians, just business owners and others) do not sometimes want the truth to come out because it could be embarrassing or damaging to their reputation.

Most of us have been exasperated of late having untruths on the news and coming from the White House and the most powerful person in the world. We read propaganda that we know is not true and we see it all over social media and one of the reasons for this is because we are acting responsibly and carrying false information forward.  Is it not interesting that before the last election most of our news was filled with human interest stories and now it is filled with lies. How did this happen? Read this book and find out. Our most pressing interest right now is the restoration of honesty to our lives. Responsibility for truth belongs to all of us. Today, the media  must  focus more on investigative reporting instead of opinion reporting  and we must remember that not all of those who give the news in public mare media. Some have their private interests to but they do not have the right to change the news for their own sake.

Remember that this isn’t just about America but about the entire world. The world of today has become narcissistic, apathetic, self-absorbed and self-centered and we must arise over this. In many cases the problems in journalism are because of the reporter who does not have to face reality checks.

This is an important book that discusses in depth the problems of journalism, transparency, and telling the news beyond reality checks and I am very well sure that this is not what was meant by free-speech. Yes, it is depressing but it can be fixed.
Stephen Davis knows what he is talking about but I would have liked to have read more and who knows, maybe that the door is open, others will walk through it.  Not all is perfect here but it is a start and I say  that it is a fine start.