“MR. LEATHER”— Brazil’s Leather Community

“Mr. Leather”

Brazil’s Leather Community

Amos Lassen

 In his new documentary, director Daniel Nolasco looks at Brazil’s growing  gay leather community. Early on we get the idea that because of some dark political maneuvers, Barbudo the very first winner of the Mr. Leather title is the organizer of the second ever competition that is the subject of the film.

It was just thirteen years ago that the first leather night  was held in Sao Paolo only one other person turned up.  Barbudo.  Now it is one of the most important leather parties in the country.  We meet and follow the four contestants vying for the title and we  see that this is an intimate affair in which everyone knows everyone else.

At the Leather Dinner before the competition, everyone is dressed in their fiercest leather outfit. Director Nolasco profiles each of the four hopefuls mixing their words and this is great fun. He also has them display their leather wardrobes complete with all the accessories which is quite a surprise to people (like us) who think that they always wear the same outfit all the time.

Mr. Leather demystifies  the leather community to us on the outside. Though several of the leatherman still regard Tom of Finland as their Patron Saint, we see that the Brazilian leather community has moved on a great deal since then and not just how they dress and look but their whole attitude to being part of a group that intermingles much more.  Some belong to BLUF (Breeches, Leather Uniform & Fetish), a popular group with the community.

Nolasco has not just shed some of the myths around the leather community, but he made it seem like something that people will really want to join.

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