“Stealth Glasses: by Christopher Church— Looking for a Runaway

Church, Christopher. “Stealth Glasses”, (Mason Braithwaite Paranormal Mystery), Dagmar Miura,  2019.

Looking for a Runaway

Amos Lassen

Psychic investigator Mason becomes suspicious when Ortiz, a shady Navy operative from the desert, asks for his help. He claims to be looking for his runaway teenage son, Owen. Mason realizes that there is more to it than that and begins to look into Owen’s life. Because of what he learns,  Mason goes to extreme lengths to stay off Ortiz’s radar. Then there is the hippie, visible in old photos but without a name and just beyond the reach of memory. With help from his talented roommate, Peggy, and his boyfriend, Mason becomes involved with drag queens, religious extremists, a protest march, and maybe even aliens.

Mason is a sensitive, queer private investigator whose only weapon is his intuition. Writer Christopher Church turns the detective genre on its head. This is quite a page turner that keeps us guessing. This is why you see nothing else about the plot here. It is very easy to give something away when that is not the intention.

This is another fast-paced ride through Los Angeles by an author who continues to reinvent and reinvigorate Mason Braithwaite, keeping the Paranormal Mystery Series relevant and entertaining. The prose is vivid, the worlds he creates are believable. “His characters have a breadth of humanity, strength, and vulnerability” that makes the series fun to read.

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