“The Gifting” by Anne Brooke— Learning Lessons

Brooke, Anne. “The Gifting”, Blue wood Publishing, 2011.


Learning Lessons


Amos Lassen


I always look forward to a new book by Anne Brooke as I know I will not only enjoy the story but I will have a truly entertaining ready. Here we venture into the world of science fiction and meet the residents of Gathandria who have been besieged, many are gone and their beautiful land is almost destroyed. Chaos rules and the only one who can save them is someone referred to in legend as The Lost One who will return to them when they need to be saved. The mind executioner is the one responsible for the distress and he knows Gathandria well as he was once on the Council of Elders there.


Jonan and Isabella and they go off looking for their cousin in Lammas Land. They also want to find Simon Hartstongue, a scribe and hope that salvation is close. However they are not totally supported.


As on any quest, there is much to be learned and there are attacks along the way and Anne Brooke tells a wonderful story with fascinating characters. I can’t say anymore about the plot without giving something away and that would destroy the pleasurable experience you will have with his book. Here is a battle and a novel that will pull you in and hold you just as Anne Brooke usually do. While our main character is gay, it does not really have any effect on the plot.

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