“TESTOSTERONE 3”— Four More Thoughts

“Testosterone: Volume Three”

Four More Shorts

Amos Lassen

I love that TLA Releasing is giving us the chance to see the short LGBT films that have been on the festival circuit and we probably would never see then. This is the third Volume in the wonderful new “Testosterone” series. Each volume  is a collection of the hottest gay shorts from around the world. Volume 3 brings us a teen’s affair with an older man, a long-lost love that resurfaces at a circuit party, an awkward first gay sexual experience and a father and son’s tumultuous relationship and the effects that jealousy has on two men and the stud that comes between them.

“Just Me”directed by Mickey Jones, follows Scott (Philip Olivier), and old friend Connor (Carl Loughlin), who brings his past back to haunt him and threatens to change his future — which includes getting married to a woman. The film takes us into the Liverpool leather scene as Scott wanders away from his bachelor party  and into a gay club where he reconnects with the man who will change his destiny.

In Michael Osborne and Rebecca Holopter’s “Silverlake Afternoon” we meet Michael who at 33 isdoing something he’s never done before – meeting up with another guy who he found on Grindr. What begins as an incredibly ill-advised midday hookup soon shows itself to be the perfect primer for his new gay life.

“Tellin’ Dad” directed by Carl Loughlin is a LBGT short film about a young man’s struggle to come out to his father. Staring Ricky Tomlinson it follows a young man’s struggle to come out to his dad, with surprising results.

“The Jealous Sea” from Brilliant Reid Waterer is about the boyfriend of a handsome photographer who tries to deal with his jealousy after finding nude photos he took of a gorgeous model.


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