“TERROR 5”— A Rotstein Horror Anthology

“Terror 5”

A Rotstein Horror Anthology

Amos Lassen

First time directors Sebastian and Frederico Rotstein in “Terror 5” look at urban legends and bring a group of young people face-to-face with their inner demons. They  use a local political crisis in Argentina as the backdrop to  five stories in this film anthology. We have zombies, bondage, torture and general government corruption reflecting how people live.
 “Terror 5” takes place in a slightly surreal dreamscape with undercurrents of South American sociopolitical commentary.  I understand that the films are based upon true urban legends and even though the stories are not related to each other yet are connected through creativity.

 “Colegio” is an interpretive allegory about a seductive student who takes a classmate down a dark path.

In “TTT” two coworkers who are  looking to have a secret sexual rendezvous choose a motel room whose mirror only reflects one way. 


 “Senorita Virga”  focuses Bruno a sexually frustrated teen who is bullied. He t finally stands up for himself in the worst way imaginable.

 “Marina y Mariana” is no exception is the story of two men planning to swap girlfriends but are due for an unanticipated turn of events.  In no way does the English translation make this plot evident, which might explain why this piece comes off as more confounding than the others.  Somewhere in here is  moral subtext about infidelity.

 “Gritos” is about a community revolt after corrupt politicians are acquitted of criminal charges stemming from a construction site collapse.  15 people died in the collapse, yet at least 18 zombies with glowing blue eyes rise from their graves to get revenge. 

Sharp camerawork and great cinematography charges the atmosphere with chills.

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