“TARGET: ST. LOUIS”— The Effects of Aerosol Radiation



The Effects of Aerosol Radiation

Amos Lassen

After Hiroshima, the American army engaged in classified open-air of aerosol radiation in which low-income African Americans in St. Louis Missouri were the subjects of testing. This new documentary, “Target St. Louis” looks at the historical catalysts for these tests and brings us first-hand accounts and questions from both survivors and subsequent Federal legislation requiring informed consent by human subjects. What this film actually does is expose environmental racism and the secret history and conspiracy surrounding the U.S. Army aerosol radiation testing in segregated neighborhoods of North St. Louis.

 What we had was a series of classified open-air studies designed to test the effects of aerosol radiation in a metropolitan setting. At first, the tests were described as defensive, the latest strategy against the threat of Russian bombers. But as later declassified documents suggest, we see that the goal of the testing (performed primarily in low-income and African-American neighborhoods of North St. Louis), was to develop offensive capabilities which could match the climate and terrain of downtown Moscow. Consequently, generations of St. Louis inhabitants were participants without their knowledge in a government testing program which, like the infamous Tuskegee Syphilis Project, was facilitated by the U.S. Department of Public Health. Researchers were investigating “the historical catalyst for these events, the survivors’ quest for answers and the subsequent Federal legislation requiring informed consent by human subjects.”  This film is a compelling and shocking documentary that we will not soon forget.

Among those interviewed in this documentary are Dr. Lisa Martino-Taylor, an associate professor of sociology at St. Louis Community College and author of “Behind the Fog: How the US Cold War Radiological Weapons Program Exposed Innocent Americans” and Fannie Lou Hamer, co-founder and vice-chair of the Freedom Democratic Party, social activist/actor Dick Gregory and others. Along with its DVD and Digital debut, TARGET: ST. LOUIS will also be available on IndiePix Unlimited, the streaming subscription service of IndiePix Films.  




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