“RONNY AND I”— Good Friends

“Ronny and I”

Good Friends

Amos Lassen

There is not much I can say about “Ronny and I” except to find a way to see it. It is a touching short film, shot on an iPhone, and chronicles an original story between childhood friends.

Two best friends explore their sexuality and the depth of their bonds as one comes out, the other crosses oceans in search of a romance. In the end they come back together to find what they couldn’t manufacture anywhere else. It stars Adam Berry and Luke Humphrey and was directed by Guy Shalem.

I finished watching it not knowing if it was real or acting, I was that captivated by it. It is the perfect feel good film for when you have bad memories. I was thrown by howsurprised I was watching it and  how relatable the story is. I am a permanent fan.



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