“OUT OF LOVE”—-Passion, Passion, Passion


Passion, Passion, Passion

Amos Lassen

Director Paloma Aguilera Valdebenito’s “Out of Love” is a film about passion. It all begins when Nikolai (Danil Vorobyev) spots Varya (Naomi Velissariou) from the open kitchen of his restaurant. He experiences love at first sight. The two find each other in an indefinable city, and from that moment on, the dynamics of their t relationship begin. However lust and desire become pain and despair.

“Out of Love” is about extremes— those extremes, that are so common that there everyone is aware of. They include love, hatred, passion and violence in a relationship. Initially Nikolai and Varya they cannot get enough of each other but their relationship starts to fade .to form in the shiny varnish of their togetherness. During the period of infatuation, there was great desire, even publicly. Little disagreements seemed to weigh on both of them.

We follow Nikolai and Varya and see intimate fragments from a relationship that is doomed to fail, but neither of them would have wanted to miss what they had. Because the focus of the story is on the couple is on the couple, we don’t really know what is going on in the world outside.

They are both destructive people gives the film an extra layer: if you are so in love, there is simply nothing else than the other. “Everything is yours,” Varya says at one point in the film, and we fully understand her. We believe the actors because we want to.

A strong point of ‘Out of Love’ is that you do not have to choose a side. Where two fight, have two guilt. It is a cliché, but it definitely goes for it. What works less well is the slightly too long playing time. Although continuous attracting and repelling continues to fascinate, the best-before date is in sight. “Out of Love”, made in the context of De Oversteek, an annual collaboration project of the Film Fund, Mediafonds, CoBO, VPRO and NTI, is a particularly impressive film.