A New Life

Amos Lassen

Directed by Bani Khoshnoudi and set in the port of Veracruz,  “Fireflies” tells us the story of young Rami (Arash Marandi), who flees from Iran and travels on a cargo ship bound for Mexico.

He will face a new language and a new culture. He. meets Leti and Guillermo and they create a strong bond that helps him in his new life. What the director is trying to do is to with current issues in order to insure the relevance of the film today.

He makes us feel like Rami who is a vulnerable character, lonely and far from home, with barriers that he will have to be overcome. And to this end, “Fireflies” works wonderfully,

Marandi’s performance, achieves empathy with the public and causes us to fight his battles with him. This is a film with a clear and powerful message.