“DO IT YOURSELF”—  A Black Comedy/Thriller



A Black Comedy/Thriller

Amos Lassen

Irony is very difficult to get on film and only a few directors like Guy Ritchie and Quentin Tarantino have succeeded in doing so. We now have another name to add to that list, Dimitris Tsilifonis and he makes using irony seem so simple.

“Do It Yourself” is an escape film and if you are not sure what that means, hold on. Alkis (Konstantinos Aspiotis), is a small-time crook who agrees to star in a fake video that will be used to restore the public image of a corrupt businessman. When Alkis realizes that his accomplices are going to kill him, he only has a few hours to organize his escape from the porn studio in which he is imprisoned, using his wit, digital skills and a toothbrush. Director Tsilifonis brings us his feature film debut with this movie.

Alkis is strong armed by an ex-cellmate, to make the video. in which the confession will help restore the reputation of a corrupted businessman. Yet immediately after filming, he  realizes that his accomplices have no intention of letting him out alive. He is trapped in a working porn studio and hunted by hitmen eager to knock him off and he has only one option – to escape from the other crooks. This is a fast paced, interesting adventure movie. When Alkis realizes that his accomplices are going to kill him, he know that he only has a few hours to escape from the porn studio.

Director Tsilifonis has said that it was his underlying intention to satirize the unrealistic expectations that pop-culture films build up to. in the viewer. We see that in the  references to other films and viral videos and Tsilifonis is open about making no effort to hide his cinematic influences as a film director. The same is true for the characters in his film, who feel very wary of the situations they are in, comparing them to their favorite crime dramas. Tsilifonis says that his film explores what is real in our era of “fake news “ era and tries to persuade the audience to “Search for yourself”. He doesn’t characterize his film as an action movie even though there is a lot of action in it. Instead, she sees his film as a mockery of the unrealistic expectations that pop-culture films build up in viewers. At every opportunity, he tried to use comedy in the fight scenes.

This was to be a film about the information and misinformation that exists in the web and the fake stories that have prevailed over the past few years. These stories come in very convincing manners, with photos, sources and concrete proof, but on a closer look they fall apart. This is a black comedy which starts like one more of those viral Facebook posts which claim that someone discovered that tries to push us to examine each and every little thing closer. Our director’s aim was to create a film that belongs in the 21st century and to him this century is summarized by three words: information, misinformation, and disinformation. We are the first generation to experience both the benefits and the consequences of the information age. The film creates a complex world that is presented as real and it opens with the caption “Based on a True Story”, while in reality it’s as fictitious as can be. This is a story about people who are deeply influenced by pop culture, the unrealistic expectations they have formed, and the

harsh comical reality that comes when they’re faced with these real fake Hollywood circumstances. It is a film that uses all the contemporary filmmaking tools that a director has and it is a love letter to nerds, techies, and geeks who often are the only people to catch particular references. It is also a film that showcases the potential that mainstream cinema could have. It doesn’t take itself seriously, but still respects its audience. So we can say that it is a black comedy, that pretends to be one more piece of “fake news” that overwhelms our newsfeed as it tries to comment on the irrational era that we live in. It is an escape movie, full of suspense and laughter with, good performances and music and we are totally engaged in it.

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