“UNSENT LETTER”— A Veteran and his Lover

“Unsent Letter”

A Veteran and His Lover

Amos Lassen

A new short film by Christian Gordine has been stealing hearts. In 1961 the pro.gay magazine ONE received a letter with no explanation. All that was sure was that it had been written by ex-World War II serviceman, Brian Keith to his wartime lover, Dave, and that it had never been sent.  When filmmaker Gordine  caught sight of the letter he felt compelled to make a short film story of the real-life relationship between a WW2 veteran and his lover whom he met whilst stationed in Algeria. Here is love like we rarely see it.

Gordine explained that he came across the original letter a few years ago and was greatly moved by it’s rawness seeing it fifty years later. Reading something like this can be painful especially knowing that it had never been sent and contained so much emotion that the person who was to get it never had a chance to experience. The letter also  reveals the sheer difficulty for LGBTQI+ people to simply love one another.

The film brings a beautiful story to us and to life and it is told  from the perspective of an older gay man. Being an older gay man myself, I can tell you that we often do not think about bit we should since we all get there.  The short film and the original letter remind us of where we have come from and shows the progress we have made as a community and there is still a lot left to do.  Gordine says that, “I want this film to be viewed as a homage to the people from our community whose lives weren’t as easy as ours are today, but to also remind people of those love letters that they never sent.” Have a hanky near by when you watch this.

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