“SHE WOLF”— An Erotic Thriller


An Erotic Thriller

Amos Lassen

Director Tamae Garateguy’s “She Wolf” is the story of a female serial killer who is stalking the  streets and underground subways of Buenos Aires. She Wolf is capable of shifting between three manifestations of her inner self and is a cunning seductress who lures men to nights of unbridled ecstasy that end in the loss of life. The trail of bodies she leaves behind should lead the police to her door but she is so lost in her fractured psyche that the threat to her own safety seems not to affect her. However,  when one of her intended victims turns out to be an undercover police detective, her escape takes her into the arms of a charming young drug dealer, whose love could provide her salvation.

The film is a reflection of what was known as Euro-sleaze that was popular in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Director Garateguy puts a woman’s touch on the topic and films it stark black and white.

Screenwriter Diego Fleischer brings us a woman who turns heads wherever she goes. The sexual encounters that follow are naked power plays, in which the men assume that they’re in control and are blind to the reality that the woman has manipulated them into the situation that will lead to their death. The very first sequence of the film establishes the sex / death pattern, and the rest of the film is about these  these primal forces. 

Because of the nature of the plot, it is almost impossible to review this without giving something away. The film is filled with raw sexual energy and the emotional interchanges between men and women and the intense, character-based focus enhance the plot but also become liabilities when the film paints itself into a corner. 

Garateguy stages the lengthy sexual encounters in intimately and the film’s “slice of a killer’s life” approach is novel just as is the punk  and we get an unruly and utterly fresh perspective on serial killers today.

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