“The Exigent Earth: Recently Placed On The Endangered Species List: Humans” by Beverly Knauer and Murray Rosenthal— A Psychodrama

Knauer, Beverly and Murray Rosenthal. “The Exigent Earth: Recently Placed On The Endangered Species List: Humans”,  Wise Words Press, 2019.

A Psychodrama

Amos Lassen

Beverly Knauer and Murray Rosenthal’s “The Exigent Earth” is set in a world where humans are on the endangered species list. It is the same world where volcanoes are erupting, wildfires are destroying whole towns, earthquakes are ruining cities and fill it with water everywhere tsunamis drown the land and its people. With all of these , the earth seems to be headered for destruction.

Zac Sparkman is the son of two genius scientist parents who discovers he has a mysterious power that he struggles to keep hidden. When he was growing up, he did so in an unusual family with a Native American shaman and an unconventional uncle who taught him how science and esoteric wisdom come together in a world of knowledge completely new to him. As time passed, he sees that his father had made a discovery that could change the world, and now he stives to learn the secrets of his father’s hidden lab and of that experiment and the covert journal that the U.S. government would do anything to get its hands on.

“The Exigent Earth” is a speculative fiction story of aboy with an amazing gift and a world in terrible trouble. It has a very strong message for us and that is that we are in charge of the world, its destiny and that everyone has something to do with what will be. We are all accountable for the earth and we all can make a difference.  We read about ideas that we understand but do not fully grasp, and the unknown comes together in a way that keeps us turning pages as quickly as possible.

The story begins  by our being introduced to Virginia Sutter, a multilingual geologist and writer going to a conference in Zurich. We also meet Nikolai Sparsinsky, a reclusive Russian scientist. They are soon faced with a  decision that would change both their lives forever. The two fall in love right away and Nikolai defects to the United States and while in Montana, they met a fourteen- year-old Indian girl called Olivia, who has special healing powers. Virginia invites Olivia to live with them on their ranch in the Pryor Mountains. This is where Nickolai builds a secret laboratory set into the mountains. He shares with Virginia the potential of his achievement in successfully turning on higher energy states at the cellular level. They are both aware that his breakthrough can help mankind, but that it also has the potential to be dangerous in the wrong hands.
When Nikolai tragically dies, government officials rush to the ranch to discover what  Nikolai had been working on, but the secret lab isn’t discovered and the secret it safe.
When Virginia enters the secret lab alone and something happens and she discovers that Nickolai will always be with her both in her dreams and in the baby she carries.  

When Zac is born, Olivia names him her child of light and immediately we see that he is no ordinary baby. I do not want to say any more about the plot because to do so would be to reveal spoilers. I will say that after moving to Vermont to live with his uncle and Olivia, a bond grows between the three.

As soon as he is born Olivia calls him her ‘Child of Light.’ Zac is no ordinary baby, and afraid that his abilities will be noticed, the women do their best to protect him. However, not even Olivia can shield him from the cruel events of life, and it is a sad orphaned boy who finds himself travelling with Olivia to Vermont, to live with his uncle Brian. It is there that Zac realizes his role in life.

The story includes space travel, biological weapons and provocative issues that really make us think. It is an epic story that is also quite intimate and the characters are quite large in scope. This review emphasized the buildup to Zac’s powers, etch but I really did not want to get into that for the same reason that I stopped summarizing. Zac is our main character  but what really makes the story come alive in my opinion was the philosophic discussions that took place and the inclusion of scientific data thus bringing reality and fantasy together.

I am very surprised at how much I enjoyed the read since the only time I read science-fiction is when I asked to review something from that genre.

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