“NOW APOCALYPSE”— “Shedding Light Onto the World of Sexuality”

“Now Apocalypse”

Shedding Light Onto the World of Sexuality”

Amos Lassen

While on a journey to find love, sex and fame, Ulysses (Avan Jogia) dreams cause him to wonder about the possibility of a dark conspiracy. Gregg Araki directs the series airing on March 10.

Araki is the cult director of films like “The Doom Generation”, “Nowhere”, “Kaboom” and “Mysterious Skin”. Set in Los Angeles, the show follows a group of sexually active 20 and 30-somethings as they face the peril and promise of urban life. A crisis begins when Ulysses begins having frightening visions of alien rape and impending doom.

With the Millennial generation coming of age, sociologists want to defy labels. They don’t want to be gay, they don’t want to be bisexual, they just want to be

 Sexual fluidity seems to be a  requirement for a millennial. Ulysses sleeps mostly with men, but he sometimes in his life does sleep with women yet he is really not bisexual. He refers to himself as an “ever-oscillating Kinsey 4.”

He does not feel a need to be in a specific box, and that the label of his sexuality is not at the forefront of his identity. There are some very frank moments of sexuality in the show with graphic nudity and sexual activity. The sex scenes are not porn. Now we have to wait to see the finished product and I have the feeling that it is going to be major.

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