“THE DATE”— Alienation



Amos Lassen

Alessio Cappelleti’s “The Date” is a drama/thriller that looks at modern alienation and how intimate acts brings two outsiders together. That doesn’t say much and unfortunately because of the way the film is constructed. I can’t say much more. What I can say is that a man and a woman meet in a restaurant. Where the film goes from this point is what I can’t say. For eight minutes this film will own you completely and it will probably hold you for a bit longer after it is over.

Directed by Alessio Cappelletti aided by Chris Esper and written by Kris Salvi we meet  Michael Gonza a software engineer as he sits in a café looking nervous and we get the impression that he is waiting for someone.  We see him as awkward and unsure of himself. Marybeth Paul is the someone he is waiting for and she is quite the looker causing Gonza to remark on her beauty. We see just how shy he is. My first thought was we are watching the beginning of an assignation but I wasn’t sure. It turns out to be something quite clever that asks many questions and makes us think.

There is not a lot of action with everything happening at the table but without making us feel confined. We don’t really realize what has happened in the film until it is over and if you watch it a second time (it’s only 8 minutes long), you realize what a wonderful performance Marybeth Paul gives. She is the total opposite of Gonza and she… well, you have to see the film. I will say that while Gonza is unsure and awkward, Paul is confident and determined. I realize that I have not said very much but that is because to do so would ruin the viewer’s pleasure and enjoyment.


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