“After Queer Studies: Literature, Theory and Sexuality in the 21st Century” edited by Tyler Bradway and E.L. Mcallum— The Influences of Literature on Queer Studies

 Bradway, Tyler and E.L.Mcallum, editors. “After Queer Studies: Literature, Theory and Sexuality in the 21st Century”, Cambridge University Press, 2019.

The Influences of Literature on Queer Studies

Amos Lassen

“After Queer Studies” looks at the literary influences that facilitated queer theory’s academic emergence and charts the trajectories that continue to shape its continued evolution as a critical practice. We. Look at the interdisciplinary origins of queer studies and argues for the prominent role that literary studies has played in establishing the concepts, methods, and questions of contemporary queer theory. We see how queer studies has had an impact on many trending concerns in literary studies, “such as the affective turn, the question of the subject, and the significance of social categories like race, class, and sexual differences.” A new discussion on the irreducible changes that queer studies has introduced in the concepts, methods, and modes of literary interpretation and cultural practices begins here. Here are multifarious perspectives on queer reading and interpretation, an expanded archive of queer literature to include underrepresented authors, texts, and genres and new ways to look at queer methodologies, including posthuman, postcolonial, queer of color, and postcritical approaches, among others.

Below is the Table of Contents:

Introduction: thinking sideways, or an untoward genealogy of queer reading E. L. McCallum and Tyler Bradway
Part I. Reading Queery Literary History:
1. Shakespearean sexualities Stephen Guy-Bray
2. Write, paint, dance, sex: queer styles/American fictions Dana Seiter
3. Queer Lantix studies and queer Latinx literature ‘after’ queer theory, or: thought and art and sex after pulse Ricardo Ortiz
Part II. Reading Queer Writer:
4. Oscar Wilde and George Bernard Shaw in queer time: law, lawlessness, and the mid twentieth-century after-life of a decadent person Richard A. Kaye
5. After queer Baldwin Matt Brim
6. Revision, origin, and the courage of truth: Henry James’s New York edition prefaces Kevin Ohi
7. All about our mothers: race, gender, and the reparative Amber Musser
Part III. Reading Queerly:
8. Camp performance and the case of discotropic Nick Salvato
9. Reading in juxtaposition: comics Andre Carrington
10. Reading for transgression: queering genres Rebekah Sheldon
11. Sovereignty: a mercy Sharon Patricia Holland.

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