“DIVE: LIVING OFF AMERICA’S WASTE”, a documentary— Dumpster Diving


Dumpster Diving

Amos Lassen


I suppose I never have given garbage much thought but after watching “Dive!” I am certainly going to think about things differently. 263 million pounds of food end up in the garbage; 96 billion pounds are thrown away every year. Jeremy Seifert was curious about why good food is disposed o so readily so he and several friends went dumpster diving in the nicer areas of Los Angeles and what they discovered is amazing and fills this documentary. They give us an entertaining film that is, to me, at least, a call to arms.

When we consider how many in this country go hungry, we see what an important film this is. As the film entertains, it also inspires us and in addition to seeing food wasted, we come away from it with food or thought. A lot of money is being wasted in by simply being thrown away and until we see this in large quantities, it is hard to believe.

In the extras, Seifert provides us with information on a campaign to stop this waste as well as short films that bring the entire issue home. This is quite an eye opener and highly recommended especially when we learn that there is a solution.


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