“SHIPS”  (“FERAH FEZA”)— A Coming of Age Story



A Coming of Age Story

Amos Lassen

Ali (Ugur Uzunel) is  a young shipyard worker and restless romantic who, during the day, thinks about the importance of coincidences. One such coincidence is an encounter that he had with the strong and energetic Eda (M. Sitare Akbas), a graffiti artist. Together, they began an adventure through Turkey’s industrial port-cities hoping to escape the boring routine of their daily lives by finding the ship that Ali has only seen in his dreams. 

The two lead actors have instant chemistry onscreen and the relationship feels real. Both play off each other in wonderful ways. Their performances shine on screen. Ali is not only a dreamer, but he is someone who thinks a lot. He is someone who thinks about what can be, or what could be. He also contemplates the idea of coincidences. He looks for signs that will lead him to a different path. When he finally sees that sign, the unfinished graffiti, he follows that coincidence and both Ali and Eda embark on a journey with each other. They are kindred spirits at heart who are brilliantly weaved together through the emotions and characterizations we see on the screen and we can relate and become a part of the characters’ lives. 

“Ships” is an ultimate adventure, most of us wish there was more to our mundane existence and this film explores that narrative. The film has excellent direction from director Elif Refig with his feature film debut. If this is a sign of what is to come, then we can expect great film. This film is poignant and emotional with breathtaking photography and is emotionally charged and an almost physically draining experience. It’s because of that emotional sense that we become involved quickly.

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