“THE SIGN FOR LOVE”— Deaf, Gay and Jewish

“The Sign for Love”

Deaf, Gay and Jewish (Israeli)

Amos Lassen

Filmmakers Elad Cohen and Iris Ben Moshe have a new documentary about being deaf, gay and Israeli. Elad was born deaf to a hearing family. After his mother’s tragic death and the breakdown of his family, he makes the most important decision of his life: to become a father.

Elad divides his time between hearing family members and a group of deaf friends. He’s closest to Yaeli, a deaf woman who wants a child. The two of them decide to not only have a child together but to share an apartment and raise the baby as a couple.

While Yaeli’s mother is supportive of her, Elad has many unresolved issues with members of his biological family. When lad was small, his mother told him that raising him was like raising three kids and from that day forward he has felt guilty about being deaf and he has tried hard to be like everyone else. After the tragic death of his mother and the breakdown of the family unit, he became even more alienated and decided that the best thing for him was a start a family of his own. This is a first person account of the life Eldad has created for himself and his attempt to finally have a family that he can be a part of. Parenthood seems to have healed his bitter feelings

“The Sign For Love” reveals some of the unanticipated complexities involved in relationships that will surprise viewers. It’s all about the need to love and to be loved and to heard and understood even when we cannot hear ourselves.

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